The King’s Academy is a day and boarding school that prepares students academically, 精神上, 在社会上,以富有成效的态度面对生活中的挑战, 面向服务的公民.

从19世纪中期的一个小木屋开始, 如今,该学院已发展成为占地65英亩的宽敞校园.  Located in the scenic foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, 学院为自己的传统感到自豪. 所有课程都以圣经价值观为中心, the school has successfully educated students who have gone on to serve the world by becoming leaders in education, 业务, 部, 卫生保健, 政治, 和更多的.

这所走读学校是为3年级到12年级的学生开设的. 博天堂旗舰厅首页的寄宿学生从7年级到12年级.

We offer a Morning Care program from 7:30 AM – 7:55 AM when students may enter their classroom.

We also offer an Extended Care program for PreK4-8th grade students from 3PM – 6PM daily. 这是不提供半天.


TKA has a long history filled with stories of faith, vision, excellence, community and character. 自1880年以来, the people who have been a part of our school’s history have persevered through hard times and celebrated accomplishment, 扩张, 共同成长与成功. 人们一直在, 并将继续, what make this place unlike any other and what make the school history so unique.

In 1880, residents in the community wanted a quality education for their children. Their passion spawned a small log-cabin style schoolhouse which they named Boyds Creek学院. 今天, 学院校园 has grown to 65-acres and boasts 10 stately buildings and impressive athletic facilities. So much has happened along the way; here are a few highlights of the school’s 143-year history:

  • TKA has always had facilities for students who had to travel a long distance to school. 然而,1889年,第一个宿舍建成了.
  • 1932年,TKA加入了田纳西浸信会.
  • In 1935, the first international boarding students attended The King’s Academy.
  • The Sevier County Board of Education paid the Academy to educate county students until 1961 when a public high school was built across the road from the Academy.
  • In 1979, the Academy became the first school in Sevier County to achieve accreditation by the Southern Association of 大学s and Schools (SACS).
  • 1993年,学校更名为博天堂旗舰厅娱乐.

一种叫做 猫头鹰 大学 早在1840年,当地人就开始在这里经营. But the effort took on new meaning when a charter with the State of Tennessee was drafted, 学生们在1881年秋天正式入学.

这所学校的第一个名字是Boyds Creek学院. In 1884, 纪念哈里森·埃利斯捐赠给学校的土地, 学校被命名为哈里森神学院. Churches of the nearby Chilhowee Baptist Association began to provide financial support to the academy in 1887, and the 校董会 changed the name to Harrison-Chilhowee Institute.

A revised state charter in 1932 cemented the academy’s affiliation with the Tennessee Baptist Convention and established the academy’s identity as Harrison-Chilhowee Baptist Academy. This continues to be the official name of the not-for-profit corporation today.  TBC选举学院的董事会和, 通过公约合作计划, 提供学校年度运营预算的一部分.

During the first few years of the academy’s existence, it was seen primarily as a “community school.”  Documents indicate the academy stressed Christian principles throughout its curriculum and activities. 虽然它与浸信会有明显的联系, an early brochure made it clear that “the school excludes none but rather invites all.” 

The academy mission is evangelistic in that non-Christian students are invited to attend, provided they meet all criteria for admission and are open-minded to considering a commitment to Christianity.

In 1979, the academy became the first school in Sevier County to achieve accreditation by the Southern Association of 大学s and Schools. 从那时起, 该学院一直保持着良好的认证记录, undergoing a thorough review process with a visiting SACS (now Cognia) team every five years.

这所学院一直为学生上大学做准备. 今天, from the preschool curriculum to potentially earning an associates degree while still in high school, 这所学院为学生的进一步学习做准备.

从一开始, facilities were provided for students who had to travel considerable distance to go to school. 到1889年,一个女孩宿舍和几个小屋建成了.  第一座男生宿舍于1908年建成. 登机 students from several states and foreign countries represent one of the academy’s most distinct current characteristics.

在GED高中同等课程出现之前, 许多年长的学生, 尤其是已婚的部长学生, returned to school after sensing God’s call on their lives and earned their diplomas here.  校园小屋社区, “牧师街,” developed where some of these families lived as they prepared for college and seminary training.

在最初的几年里, a specialized program was also available to those who desired to become teachers. The school uniquely served the needs of hearing impaired students in the 1970’s and 1980’s until public school mainstreaming efforts for special education students reduced the demand.

寄宿生来自80多个国家和美国大部分州. S. 在这里学习过. Graduates frequently comment that interacting with such a diverse student body is one of the most valuable experiences in their lives.

The Sevier County Board of Education did not have a public school in the community until the mid 1900’s.  通过独特的公立/私立学校伙伴关系, the Sevier County school board paid the academy to take the county students under its wing. 小学 students ceased to attend the academy in 1947 when the local public primary school was constructed on adjacent property. A public high school was built across the road from the academy in 1961 and the county’s subsidy to the academy ceased at that time.

61年后, in 1993, the 校董会 reorganized the academy and gave distinct names to operations under the Harrison-Chilhowee corporate umbrella. 从那时起, HCBA’s elementary and secondary day and boarding school division has been doing 业务 as The King’s Academy, while the Chilhowee Retreat Center offers academy facilities and services to churches and schools for retreats, 音乐营和体育营, 主要在夏季.